Therapy Approach

I use various structured cognitive-behavioral techniques developed in David Burns, MD’s TEAM therapy and Marsha Linehan, PhD’s Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) for all ages. I use Dr. Burn’s cognitive(thoughts and beliefs), behavioral(action), and exposure techniques. DBT techniques are a big focus of my work including mindfulness, interpersonal skills, emotion regulation, distress tolerance, understanding dialectics, and understanding a behavioral framework.

Components of Therapy:

Measurement: I measure your symptoms at the start every therapy session using brief check in forms based on the DBT diary card.
Validation:  Understanding your feelings, thoughts and concerns is my first priority.  A warm, respectful, empathic relationship is the foundation upon which we are able to do tremendous work together.

Agenda, Goal Setting, and Commitment: We monitor the goals you set for yourself. We will set the agenda for each session based on our agreement of the most urgent work.  When it’s difficult to work toward goals, we problem solve, consider new skills, and reassess what direction you want to take your life.

Skills: I use many powerful, evidence-based techniques that will help you change the negative thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors that rob you of joy, self-esteem, productivity and intimacy.

Practice: You will work between sessions to apply the skills to your daily life through homework assignments.